What is Business Lair?

Business Lair is a podcast and community that helps people understand their relationship with the energy of money from spiritual and emotional perspectives. It also helps people understand digital marketing and operations, corporate climbing, sales, and the many facets of the spirit of money.  The podcast is hosted by Aether Candace of Soul Trine, Inbound Concepts, and Coven Cloud. Aether Candace is an Intuitive Performance Coach, Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Author, and Podcast Host.

Business Lair is the content division of Inbound Concepts.

Who Should Listen to Business Lair?

Business Lair is for spiritual explorers, business owners, and corporate climbers.

What type of Guests Will Business Lair Have?

Business Lair will be speaking with spiritualists, occultists, business owners, corporate climbers, sales professionals, and healers to learn what helps them and others get into the zone or get into the flow, as Abraham Hicks says. If you are one of these people, I want to hear from you. Please understand that we go deeper than how successful or amazing you are. We get spiritual and emotional on Business Lair.

What topics will Business Lair Cover?

Business Owners

  • Digital Marketing

  • Digital Operations

  • Purpose Alignment

  • Monetization and Revenue Generation

Corporate Climbers

  • Navigating the Corporate Landscape

  • Boundaries and Burnout

  • Salaries and Bonuses

  • The Sales Zone

Spiritual Explorers

  • The Energy of Money

  • Protection

  • Soul Alignment

  • Money Rituals

  • Belief Systems

  • Money Spirits

  • Intuition and Money

  • Astrological Money

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The Energy of Money


Aether Candace is an Intuitive Performance Coach, Writer, and Digital Marketing Entrepreneur. She helps people heal their relationships with themselves, their businesses, and the people around them.