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New Podcast Episode: Divine Money Epiphanies w/ Goddess Opal

What to Expect on This Episode of Business Lair

Kimtrece Ceasar, aka "Goddess Opal," came by to help us gain a deeper understanding of money concepts. We covered the real impact of the hustle-and-grind mentality as well as how to realistically tap into the ease-and-flow lifestyle.  This episode is packed with insights on ego, the most common excuse people use to avoid self-improvement, and signs of someone who is ready to level up. 

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How to Contact Kimtrece Ceasar, aka “Goddess Opal”




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The Reading

Every Episode features a metaphysical bridge to our three community groups - money lovers, corporate climbers, and entrepreneurs. This bridge is a one-card tarot reading for the collective of each group. The cards pulled for this episode are below. Listen to the episode for this episode’s reading.

BusinessLair | 8 of Wands
BusinessLair | The World - Reversed
BusinessLair | 9 of Swords Reversed

Visit Soul Trine for more information on personal readings.

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